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About The Shoe:

The Air Jordan 10 Retro Woodland Camo is an interesting spin on the iconic retro Jordan 10 silhouette bringing a stylish woodland camouflage pattern into the mix. The woodland camouflage theme and relatively affordable price-tag of this specific Jordan 10 release make it a sneakerhead favorite. Now you can rock a clean pair of jays while integrating some military vibes into your outfit.

About The Collection:

For this Jordan release, we chose to assemble a collection of Sneaker Hook Up clothing that focuses on various military themes that we find intriguing and aesthetically pleasing. Throughout our Air Jordan 10 Retro Woodland Camo Sneaker Hook Up collection, you’ll see designs inspired by vintage world war 2 fighter jets, throwback pin-up art and other retro military imagery. We feel that the vintage post-world war 2 era was largely the golden age of vintage military logos and design, we chose to incorporate it into this release to create a capsule that’ll perfectly tie into your Sneaker Hook Up outfit for the Jordan 10 Woodland Camo.